1. BGU will appoint a Tournament Referee (TR) for all its tournaments.  The number of referees
appointed will depend on the size of the field.  The minimum is one and for major
tournaments like the Botswana Open Amateur Championship, the requirement may be up to
four referees. 
Before a person can be appointed a Tournament Referee, he must have passed the R&A Rules School.  He must also have registered with the BGU as a TR.  A newly qualified TR must go through a tournament with a seasoned TR at least once before he can officiate on his own. 
When more than one TR is appointed for a tournament, a Chief Referee will be nominated.  The Chief Referee will deploy his TR as appropriate.
An allowance of P300 per day will be provided to each TR.  This is to cover any expenses that may be incurred including transport and meals.
The primary responsibilities of a TR are to:

a. Decide questions of fact and apply the Rules of Golf;

b. Act on any breach of a Rule that he observes or is reported to him;

c. Prevent a breach of the Rules by advising players, whenever possible; and

d. Monitor pace of play.
A TR should be suitably dressed in a collared T-shirt, tailored long pants and shoes.  He should carry the following:
A. Rules of Golf booklet;
B. Latest edition of the Decisions on the Rules of Golf;
C. Tournament Draw sheet;
D. Tournament Rules and Conditions of Play;
E. Course score card;
F. Club Local rules;
G. Stop watch;
H. Walkie talkie, if provided;
I. Measuring tape.
Prior to officiating at a tournament, the TR should undertake a “course marking” visit.  This will consist of a review of the peculiar features of the course and an assessment of the suitability of the Local Rules on the scorecard for tournament play.  If assigned specific holes, he should examine these holes in greater detail and find the ideal place to position himself and the nearest route to the assigned holes. 
He should be prepared to amend the Local Rules if necessary and familiarize himself with the Conditions of Competition for the tournament.  He should also pay particular attention to the Pace of Play condition so that he may be able to act in accordance with the prescribed procedure, should he be faced with slow play.  
On completion of his duty, the TR should fill up the Tournament Referee’s Report and submit it to the Tournament Director                                                         
To do a good job as a Tournament Referee is like being a good waiter, that is, polite and on hand to serve but not hovering around.  The job has also been described as one filled with hours of boredom and interrupted by moments of terror. 
The following tips should serve as a good basis when undertaking the duties of a referee:
a. Allow players to concentrate on their game.

b. Never talk to players unless they talk to you.

c. Position yourself so that you can see the ball being struck.  If at the tee-box, look out for players                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ............who are playing a provisional ball.

d. Go to a ball where there is a chance of a ruling being required, eg, when a ball is off the fairway.

e. Stay focused and pay attention to the game in progress.

f. Maintain a constant level of concentration at all times.  Try to prevent a breach of rules by players.