The Rule is amended to establish more clearly that, if a player intentionally takes an action to influence the movement of a ball or to alter physical conditions affecting the playing of a hole in a way that is notpermitted by the Rules, R1-2 applies only when the action is not already covered in another Rule.

For example, a player improving the lie of his ball is in breach of R13-2 and therefore that Rule would apply,whereas a player intentionally improving the lie of a fellow-competitor’s ball is not a situation covered by R13-2 and, therefore, is governed by R 1-2.
The provisions of R1-2 do not prevent a player from taking acts that conform with the Etiquette
Section, provided it is done for the sole purpose of caring for the course and without intentionally
influencing the movement of a ball or the physical conditions affecting play of a player in the
player’s group or match.

E.g. a player may generally smooth the ragged edge of a hole or tap
down spike marks as a courtesy to other players in following groups or matches, or for care of the
course but not if this is done to in order to influence the movement of a ball of an opponent, fellow
competitor or partner or to alter physical conditions with the intent of affecting the playing of the
A player breaks off and removes part of a bush outside the dropping area but near to where his
dropped ball may roll. R13-2 does not apply as he has not improved the area in which a ball is to
be dropped, however he is in breach of R1-2 for taking an action with the intent to affect the
playing of the hole by altering the physical conditions.
The casual act of moving a putter along the line of putt would not be a breach of the Rules unless
in the process the player improved his line of putt (e.g. pressed down a raised tuft of grass) in
which case he would be in breach of R13-2.
By firmly pressing the ball into the surface of the putting green, the surface on the green was
altered and R1-2 was breached by intentionally taking action to influence the movement of a ball
in play and to alter physical conditions that affect the playing of the hole. Loss of hole in match
play, two stroke penalty in stroke play and ball must be played as it lies.